Past Productions

The Rose of Persia (1930)

 Cast List: 

The Sultan Mahmoud of Persia
William Gibbon
Chris Gittins
Frank Payne
Walter Smith
The Grand Vizier
Frederick Reddington
The Physician-in-Chief
William Riley
The Royal Executioner
Ralph Dodd
The Sultana Zubeydeh
Madaline Darall
Scent of Lilies
Evelyn Norman
Hearts Desire
Kathleen Cooke
Honey of Life
Lilian Wright
Dancing Sunbeam
Doris Dodd
Blush of Morning
Ella Stephens
Oasis in the Desert
Hilda Dale
Moon upon the waters
Constance Langley
Song of Nightingales
Phyllis McNeille
Whisper of the West Wind
Eileen Pardoe

Chorus of Hassans's Wives, Sultan's Guards, Royal Slave Girls, Palace Officials and Guards:- 

Florence Boyden
Dorothy Bond
Audrey Callaway
Marjorie Callaway
Dorothy Chater
Kathleen Elliot
Elsie Gronow
Joan Harrigan
Miriam Sumption
Gwen Usher
Winifred Whitfield
Vera Williams
Evelyn Winlett
Phyllis Woodman
Hugo Bartlett
Wilfred Booker
Eric Bunting
Thomas Burrows
John Birkett
Tom Birkett
Wilfred Court
Reginald Court
William Dale
William Gronow
Cyril Kemp
Kenneth Langley
Donald Murray
James Neale
Wallis Rabone
Allen Sutton
Stephen Wiltcher

Production Team: 

Producer & Stage Manager
Mr. Henry Tossell
Conductor & Musical Director
Mr. W. Drinkwater
Dances arranged by
Miss Sylvia Atkinson
Miss Winnie Gibbon

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