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Merrie England (1951)

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Cast List: 

May Queen
Evelyn Morgan
Ellen Le Marquand
June Chatwin
A Butcher
Dudley Woodman
A Baker
William Dale
A Tinker
Alan Coldicott
A Tailor
Arthur Pitts
Long Tom
John Benson
Big Ben
Seafield Grant
Margaret Hanks
Sir Walter Raleigh
Harry Whetter
Walter Wilkins
Willian Lofthouse
Silas Simpkins
Reginald Le Marquand
The Earl of Essex
Robert Wilks
Bessie Throckmorton
Dorothy Cutler
A Lord
Dennis Collins
Queen Elizabeth
Lilian Jones
Queen's Fool
Victor Howe
2nd Royal Page
Dexter Ladbrooke
1st Royal Page
David Cooke
Ernest Winspear

Ladies in Waiting: 

Peggy Bailey
Madeline Darrall
Kathleen Murphy


Elizabeth Black
Ruth Bond
Margaret Campbell
June Chatwin
Sheila Cook
Audrey Edmonds
Ruth French
Joy Hanks
Joan Harris
June Haynes
Peggy Pickin
Shirley Salt
Dorothy South
Gillian Winspear
Russel Chatwin
Robert Cross
Nevil Peacock
Michael Savage
Robert Savidge
Richard Warburton


Dorothy Bond
Gladys Butts
Mary Butts
Muriel Compston
Barbara Dale
Jessica Edkins
Narie Elliot
Ethel Edwards
Amy Fothergill
Cicely Fothergill
Margaret Jones
Mary Rusling
Mary Sayers
Phyllis Simmons
Elsie Truslove
Rita Truslove
Stephen Burchnall
Manning Butts
Archie Cull
Douglas Hillyard
Sidney Morgan
William South
Gordon Thomas


Tom Pargetter
Tony Pargetter

Production Team: 

John Denis
Musical Director
Jack Spencer
Mary Workman

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